We love our lenders

Capstone Commercial Lending Group & Investment Inc. understands that in some instances loan request are turned down  by Financial Institutions due to the lack of loan request eligibility. Keeping strong and respective business relationships bring great success to all. We partner with Financial Institutions in order to help accomplish their clients financing needs whenever the lender is limited to creative loan product options. We also help financial Institutions improve their balance sheets by acting as an intermediary in presenting to investors loan portfolio acquisition, disposition and investor partnership opportunities.

Our Services Include

  • We will restructure previously declined loan request if needed and present it to our credit worthy investor partners who offer specialized lending options at affordable rate and reasonable terms.

  • We are easy to do business with. We conduct a thorough pre - qualification underwriting process prior to sending files to prospective financial institutions. 

  • Communication is a must - from origination to closing our partners are included in the loan process activity. 

  • Our business banking relationships allow our company the benefit to present  bank asset investment opportunities to other banking institutions who may desire to purchase CRE & C&I commercial pools and also partner in loan participation ventures.

  • Again, we love our lenders we offer incentives

Current Investment Opportunities

  • California Multifamily Loan Pool. Loan Amount $25,350,906

  • Multistate 5/5 Commercial Arm Pool. Location: Tx, FL, CO, NC, and TN. Loan Amount: $11,897,806

  • Seasoned SBA 504 Loan Portfolio. Location CA, FL, NV & 11 other States. Loan Amount $23,600,000

  • Atlanta CRE Loan Participation Opportunity. Location: Atlanta, GA. Loan Amount $ 10,000,000. Total Loan Amount: $25MM LTC 64%. As Stabilized 55%. Term 48 Momths. Rate 3.00% + 30 - day Libor. Amortization 25Year. I/) 24 months. Full Recourse. Property type Hotel adjacent to the Georgia International Conference Center, along the Atlanta Sky Train.

  • Multistate 5/5 Commercial ARM Pool.Loan Type: 5/5 Commercial ARM Pool. Loan Amount $11,897,806. Location: TX, FL, CO, IL, NC and TN